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Audited by the CRA?

In the case of an audit, a CRA auditor requests information such as ledgers, bank accounts, and expense accounts, with limited explanation for the person getting audited. As a result, Canadian taxpayers often experience high levels of stress, frustration and confusion. Our team understands the frustration that comes with experiencing an audit and is confident in navigating the inner workings of the complex process and components. To get ahead of your audit book a free consultation with one of our tax experts.

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Appeal Your Tax Audit

Feeling wrongly assessed on your tax return is common and can be challenged by filing an appeal. Once an appeal is filed with the assistance of our tax specialist, the taxpayer must prepare to attend tax court. With our experienced team, our specialists prepare and build your case to determine how much money you should be paying. The CRA is entitled to take legal action to collect the balance owed, and our team is entitled to help you keep all of your assets.

Working With Our Team

Tax Consultants You Can Trust

Our team of expert Tax Mechanics, have years of experience managing tax audits and appeals from the CRA. With over 50 cases won in tax court, clients can trust that our team is efficient and capable of getting you the results you deserve.

The Best Arrangements With The CRA

Our team will fight for the best possible arrangements when negotiating on your behalf with the CRA. In the past we've worked with clients as they go through being audited while preparing the documentation required for a tax appeal. Chat with one of our experts to learn more.

Flexible Services That Meet Your Needs

Not every client portfolio or situation is the same. Our team ensures that we understand your goals and needs before we execute on a plan of action while guiding you through the process every step of the way! Discover our Accounting Packages for more details.

Frequently Asked Questions

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A tax audit is an investigation of your tax returns up to a certain year conducted by the CRA to verify your income, deductions, claims and returns.

A tax appeal is the official way to file a disagreement or reassessment against the CRA. These appeals are settled in tax court.

You will be assessed penalties and interest.