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Tax AccountanT

Tanweer is here to solve any problem that clients may have. Since October 2017, he has been working at Tax Mechanic as a Tax Accountant, and brings years of experience with him. Previously, he worked as a finance manager for 10 years, and he worked as a tax preparer for another 10 years. He studied mechanical engineering at the NED University of Engineering and Technology and completed his BEng in 1983. After working in that field, he studied at the Institute of Cost and Management Accountants of Pakistan, and received a degree there in 1997.  Combining his years of education and his previous work experience, Tanweer has experience in bookkeeping, accounting, and tax preparation for both personal and corporate. He enjoys seeing his clients happy with their returns, and especially enjoys seeing how relieved they are once their file is resolved. He is able to assist clients in English and in Urdu. To book an appointment with Tanweer, please send him an email to today.