Ahmed Abdelhaliem
Ahmed is a financial expert with over 10 years of experience in accounting. With a business administration degree in Egypt, Ahmed continued his education in Canada for accounting and became a CPA member. He has experience in not only analyzing financial statements and problems, but also has done some work in editing and podcasting.At the Tax Mechanic, he holds many rolls as an accountant, in IT as well as videography and editing related to marketing.
Christa Lazar
Ms. Lazar is a closer. With a background in sales, marketing, strategic planning, as well as years of experience in office and client management, Ms. Lazar brings her management expertise to the table as an accredited liaison between clients, the CRA and the Tax Mechanic. As a Certified Negotiations Expert, her ability to analyze and problem solve are one of her greatest strengths in ensuring the successful progress of a case with every detail evaluated and passed through her - assuring a victory for our clients.
David Harris
Mr. Harris joined the Tax Mechanic in 2017 as a corporate partner. His background in sales, marketing and construction operations management allows him to onboard clients with confidence through experience. He is a skilled and empathetic client manager, supporting clients through the process of solving their tax problems and helping them find the best solutions. Mr. Harris also is the founder of Team Unbreakable, a registered charity dedicated to promoting better youth mental health, and a marathon runner….24 completed and counting.
Fraser Simpson
Fraser Simpson is a tax consultant with over thirty years of specialized experience in solving tax problems. In his decades of experience, he has seen the terrible consequences that the CRA’s incompetence and injustice has had on Canadians, from property liens to freezing bank accounts to harassment from CRA agents. It is for this reason that Fraser acts as an advocate for Canadians, vowing to stand up and represent taxpayers to solve their tax problems without abuse from the CRA. He’s been described as an effective, empathetic contact for clients, and seeks to become the leading tax advocate in Canada. Outside of work, Fraser Simpson is an avid marathon runner and guitarist.
Heril Saha
Heril Saha is a full stack web developer who has worked on various programming projects ranging from command-line interface tools to full-scale web applications. Heril Specializes in Typescript, GoLang, and ReactJS and has skills in user interface design. He is currently working on an open-source project, named Nixode, that allows users to view financial information and data about cryptocurrency.
Maria Correa
Maria Correa is a customer service expert. As the Accounting Manager and Office Manager at the Tax Mechanic, she knows no single approach is the right one for every client. With a background in education and business administration as well as being a law clerk, Mrs. Jimena has a unique set of management skills to handle deadlines and stressful situations. Her passion for her work at the Tax Mechanic stems from her love of making a difference in people’s lives. In her spare time, she is a mom of three kids and an adorable puppy!
Stephanie Simpson
Stephanie Simpson is a research professional studying Political Science and Economics at the University of British Columbia. With a background in academic research and digital marketing, she does consulting and contract work for the Tax Mechanic, specializing in research and copywriting. She is passionate about providing interesting and quality content to Tax Mechanic prospects and clients, and seeks to educate Canadians on their options when it comes to taxes and business.
Tanweer Shahadat
Tanweer Shahadat is a numbers expert. With over 10 years of experience in the tax business and having served as a senior accountant for over 20 years, Mr. Shahadat is an expert in all financial problems. He completed his bachelor's in engineering from NED University of Engineering and Technology, Pakistan, and later he pursued a career in accounting from the Institute of Cost and Management Accountants of Pakistan. His work experience includes working as a finance manager for over 10 years in the multinational company Cadbury Pakistan Ltd. Mr.Shahadat joined our team at Tax Mechanic in 2017 and is working currently as Head Accountant.
Turni Saha
Turni Saha is a digital content expert studying International Economics at the University of British Columbia. With experience in digital marketing and videography, she does promotional and advertising work for the Tax Mechanic specializing in the image and expansion of the company. She is dedicated to finding creative ways to promote the Tax Mechanic to clients and other businesses as the top tax company in Canada.
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