Tax Relief & Tax  Reductions

We help you obtain more manageable payments without sacrificing everything you've worked so hard for. Get in touch with a Tax professional today to explore your tax relief and reduction options.


Tax Relief And Reduction

Tax Relief Is A Phone Call Away

Life can often get in the way presenting difficult challenges for many Canadian tax payers, resulting in an overwhelming amount of debt with the CRA. Through the Taxpayer Relief Program the CRA can reduce or wave: 

  • Incurred interests and penalties 
  • Provide refunds and adjustments 
  • Offer reduced payment plans based on circumstance

Why Choose Us

Benefits Of Working With Tax Mechanic

Tax Consultants You Can Trust with Confidence 

No tax problem is too big for our team! Working with Tax Mechanic means you get a team that delivers results! We don't leave you in the dark and ensure your portfolio's are handled with care and efficiency. 

The Best Arrangements With The CRA

Our team negotiates for the best possible tax relief arrangements when dealing with the CRA. In the past we've managed to achieve significantly reduced or completely waived penalties on over due accounts. Chat with one of our experts to learn more. 

Flexible Services That Meet Your Needs

Not every client portfolio or situation is the same. Our team ensures that we understand your goals and needs before we execute on a plan of action while guiding you through the process every step of the way! Discover our Accounting Packages for more details. 


Common Questions About Tax Relief and Tax Reductions.

It is a government incentive which allows individuals or businesses to reduce the amount of  taxes to be paid.

It is a form of lowering an individuals or businesses liable taxes.

In short yes. Although you are able to apply for this relief on your own, it is recommended you work with a professional tax specialist who has the experience navigating the complex tax system and negotiating with the CRA to achieve the best possible outcome.

As of 2021 we've successfully negotiated a Tax Relief for 88 clients and counting.

Every circumstance is dependant on the individuals tax history. To get an estimate please book a consultation here.

Quick Tax Facts

Challenges from the CRA

Although the Tax Relief program is built to help Canadian tax payers, the application process is complex and if not submitted with all the right documentation, you can find your claim denied. Working with one of our Tax Mechanics provides you with an expert who understands the system and can save a lot of time and hassle when attempting to apply on your own. Speak with one of our specialists today for further information and assistance.


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