Our Story

Beginning in 2007, our team has come to assist thousands of clients with their personal and business tax needs. Specializing in finding you the best option for your tax concerns, we are passionate about helping clients get the most benefit from their tax return. 

Manage Your Taxes With A Team That Guides You Through Your Options.

Every good adventure begins with a brief back story. We encourage our clients to dive into ours to get a better understanding of who you're working with and why we're the right team to help you find the light at the end of the tax tunnel.

How it began

Our Story Begins Here

Founded by our CEO Fraser Simpson in 2007, Tax Mechanic has continued to grow throughout the years successfully assisting a range of clients across Canada and continues to thrive in the market as the leading boutique accounting firm located in the heart of downtown Toronto. 


Our Tax Mechanics

Our Team is Agile, Diverse and Experienced

Meet the team behind the scenes! Our tax specialists are available for a no obligation consultation to discuss your tax, accounting and financial needs. 


Fraser Simpson


With his history and experience, Fraser understands each case is unique and presents different stressors from client to client.

Experienced handling TSX listed companies, large clients such as John Di Poce and connected with Toronto’s top law firms, Fraser is always here to make his clients feel confident and positive about their taxes while efficiently and successfully managing disputes with the CRA.


David Harris

Vice President

David’s professional history includes working in different managerial and executive roles for a number of businesses in the construction industry and has experience founding charitable companies, such as Team Unbreakable. 

David’s direct experience dealing with the CRA, David understands first hand what his clients are going  through when it comes to their taxes.


Maria Jimena Correa 

Office Manager

Maria consistently makes a positive impact with every client portfolio she touches.  With her expertise in client management and accounting, Maria understands the holistic financial picture for each client portfolio, and expertly guides you through all of your complex accounting needs and questions.

Maria is able to assist clients in English and Spanish.



Christa Lazar

Client Management

Your initial point of contact Christa, works in client intake and sales, guiding you through the process of working alongside the Tax Mechanic team.

Christa’s priority is to ensure our clients have full transparency and are able to make the best decisions for their financial future.

As a certified negotiations expert, Christia has experience dealing directly with the CRA.


Janice Keough

Client Management

With years of professional experience as a finance manager across several industries, Janice, understands that taxes can be stressful, confusing, and complicated.

Her goal is to coach her clients through the process and alleviate the concerns that come with reviewing and resolving your taxes.

An excellent communicator Janice is your stepping stone to a better financial future.

Tanweer Shahadat

Sr. Tax Accountant

With over 10 years working in the finance and tax industry, Tanweer is a knowledgable Sr. Tax Accountant.

 Tanweer is up for any personal or business tax accounting challenge. Putting his clients' satisfaction at the forefront, Tanweer has a vast record of solving complex tax worries swiftly with accuracy.

Tanweer is able to assist clients in English and Urdu.



Bella Pham

Tax Accountant & Bookkeeper

Eager to connect and advocate for her clients, Bella is a well versed tax accountant and bookkeeper.

Experienced with business accounting, customer service and sales. Bella enjoys working in the tax industry and talking to clients.

Bella is able to communicate with clients in both English and Vietnamese.


Lien Dinh 

Jr. Tax Accountant

Educated in the diverse world of Business Finance, Lien is passionate about resolving tax issues quickly and efficiently.

With her diverse background Lien supports personal and business tax clients with understanding what direction will get them closer to their financial goals.  

Lein is able to communicate with clients in both English and Vietnamese.

Jason Bui

Jr. Tax Accountant

Jason is always up for a tax challenge. Customer Service driven and agile, Jason understands how to make the most of your money by maximizing your tax returns.

Resourceful and efficient Jason understands the intricate tax system and diligently works for his clients best financial interest.

Jason is able to communicate with clients in both English and Vietnamese.

Digital Marketing Agency

Digital Marketing Partnership

If Agency

In partnership with the digital marketing genius of If Agency, we offer our clients the following services to take their business marketing to the next level.

  • Content & resource creation
  • SEO
  • Social Media Management (Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, Linkedin, Youtube)
  • Branding 
  • Videography
  • Photography 
  • Studio Space
  • Event Space


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