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Your leading Toronto boutique accounting firm dedicated to providing expert quality service to resolve your most challenging tax problems against the CRA.

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Our Tax Mechanics are experts in handling all your business and personal accounting questions and needs. 


Unfiled Taxes & Back Taxes

Tax Mechanic specializes in developing tax solutions for every late filing tax scenario. Our tax experts efficiently prepare your unfiled tax returns, reduce penalty fees, and advocate on your behalf with the CRA.



CRA Tax Audits, & Disputes

CRA tax audits are intimidating, stressful and leave you with unanswered questions. Our tax consultants  understand the complex auditing process and will guide you every step of the way.



Tax Reductions & Relief

Tax Mechanic offers tax renegotiation on your behalf with the CRA to arrange lower payment plans, offer in compromise, instalment agreements, currently non-collectible status, and penalty abatement. 



Tax Consulting & Financial Planning

Daily, weekly or monthly, our tax team is available for on-going support and consultations virtually or in-person across Canada. We advise our clients with a holistic review, and plan to prepare for their personal and business tax situations.



Cryptocurrency & NFTs

CRA tax audits are intimidating, stressful and leave you with unanswered questions. Our tax consultants  understand the complex auditing process and will guide you every step of the way.



Digital Marketing

Partnered with If Agency, we offer clients assistance with their business marketing ventures to improve their digital presence while increasing brand recognition. If Agency provides branding, content strategy, social media management, campaign execution, SEO, branded resources, graphic design, videography and an in-house commercial studio.


Common Questions About Working With Tax Mechanic 

We treat every client one-on-one based on their individual needs and financial portfolios. Every case is different and requires one of our Tax Mechanic professionals to work with you to get a full understanding of what your goals are and what services you may need to provide a fair timeline on how long it will take to file your taxes. 

Yes we can complete the majority of our tax services virtually! Whatever your preference we are able to connect with you online or in-person. 

Yes. We help Canadian's across the globe with their financial needs. Don't hesitate to connect with us no matter where you are located. 

Not as of yet. Currently there has been no official information to confirm a later tax filing deadline for 2021. It is important that your taxes are filed on time to prevent penalties on your account with the CRA. 

Yes! We've hired expert negotiators trained in handling disputes, and audits with the CRA on your behalf.


How To Deal With The CRA

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