By David Harris


Whether it’s an attempt to save money or time, a growing number of business owners are taking it upon themselves to tackle their financial/tax tasks themselves, as opposed to handing over these important fiscal responsibilities to a trained tax and accounting business. With more and more powerful software to aid in these efforts, many small businesses are feeling more empowered to take these things on themselves. But is this the right decision?

After a few years of taxes and finances, a large number of those business owners are finding that they either don’t have time to manage these parts of their business, fear they might be losing money inadvertently, or worse yet, have gotten a painful visit from the CRA. Many are returning to the more traditional route of at least consulting an Accounting Company like the Tax Mechanic, if not handing off the project to us entirely. If that is what you are looking to do for your business we’ve got your quick guide for picking the right person to help you.

You want someone who communicates well with you.

Obviously, you want a company who knows what they are talking about. The mark of a really great-to-work-with Tax and Accounting company is an ability to translate esoteric ideas and terms into something that you can truly understand and work with. You want someone who will go beyond doing a job for you – you want to be able to use them as a resource, to expand your knowledge of how to run your business. Being able to translate money and tax speak into plain English is a big part of that.

You want someone who can answer all your questions.

A thoroughly prepared and knowledgeable tax and accounting business isn’t just able to answer questions about what he or she does, but is able to discuss your business. Having a basic comprehension of business practices and principles, and at least a willingness to learn about your particular company, is crucial. The right company goes beyond just handling your case by the numbers; he or she will be able to answer questions and thoughtfully counsel you on mindful financial planning across all areas of your business.

You want someone you can trust.

We are the first on to admit that we don’t have all the answers however if we don’t we find out for you and get them. Transparency and trust are cornerstones of our company. Have a free 30 minute consultation and find out for yourself. We handle many tax problems but in doing so we know what NOT to do when running a successful business.

Whether it is tax filings, bookkeeping and accounting, a tax return audit, a tax lien, income garnishment, bank accounts frozen, CRA personal or corporate penalties and interest, payroll tax issues, late in filing….whatever it is contact us, email David Harris at or give us a call.


Mr. Harris has an extensive background in Sales and Marketing, IT Solutions, Human Resources, Office and Operations Management. His extensive experience and organizational skills compliment very well the work that is conducted at The Tax Mechanic. Along with business development he assists in the procurement of tax solutions for both corporations and individuals to help achieve the best outcomes possible. Mr. Harris also is the Founder and CEO of Team Unbreakable, a non-profit charity organization dedicated to Youth Mental Health.

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