Nov 4, 2021 1:25:58 PM | Tax Farmer Saves 100K against CRA

A farmer comes forward with his years of tax concerns and with the help of Tax Mechanic saves 100K in CRA penalties and fees.


John contacted us recently and booked a consultation and this was his tax tale.

He had not filed his tax returns for ten years and was depositing the money he was earning as a self-employed contractor framing houses, in his girlfriend’s bank account.

Recently his girlfriend advised that she had other plans and that he should take his money out of her account. John was concerned because he felt that if he opened a bank account in his name Revenue Canada would garnish his account leaving him destitute.


Going from underground to aboveground is tricky business. Many considerations including dealing with the CRA and how to properly file back taxes. I told John not to worry and that I had filed many Voluntary Disclosures with the CRA successfully and without penalty.

First, I immediately contacted Revenue Canada and registered as a representative for John. Then I filed the ten years of taxes and made a payment plan which was approved on an anonymous basis. Once approved I presented the plan to John who was relieved given that penalties would not be applied. I then e-filed the returns and John was home free.


By the numbers; John owed approximately $10,000 per year, totalling a $100,000 liability. If a penalty was applied it would have doubled the liability. Therefore, by filing a voluntary disclosure through me as a registered CRA rep, John saved $100,000.

If you are in a similar situation call us to discuss a voluntary disclosure and you too can save thousands. Do not try an application yourself, one wrong move and you will not qualify for a penalty waiver. I have been doing this for over thirty years and have acquired the specialized knowledge concerning voluntary disclosures and the criterion for acceptance.

Written By: Fraser Simpson