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Are you setting off the CRA Audit bells?

“So…can you take care of this for me? I don’t even know where to start.”

My good friend Joey, a generally confident and funny guy, walked into my office one day with a grande double double, a letter in his hand and this bewildered look on his face that almost made me laugh. I controlled my amusement and kept a straight face, as I knew he was in some kind of trouble. He put the coffee down in front of me, slumped in the chair and slammed the paper onto my desk: “Look at this. How can this be?” – He asked with a mix of disbelief and disappointment in his voice, as if a close friend of a tax consultant can’t possibly get a tax Audit notice. Following an old advice of not mixing friendship and business he had his taxes done by his brother-in-law the past seven years, paid his taxes on time and never had a problem.